Saturday 28th of May 2022 (BHCN)

To all of our friends and enthusiasts within the Belgian shepherd world.

We, the BHCN are very pleased to invite you once again to our joint Belgian Shepherd Specialty weekend. Together with the NVBH, we greatly appreciated your overwhelming attendance in 2020 and we were very pleased with all the great feedback we received.
It should therefore come as no surprise that we would be very happy to count on your support as an exhibitor and visitor again for our 2021 event.

Of course, we should not miss this opportunity to give thanks to the people who work behind the scenes, as well as those within our joint show committees.
They have already displayed the greatest motivation and passion by organising this Dutch Belgian Shepherd Specialty weekend and also by promoting it. No effort has been spared to make it even more fun, attractive and easier for you as an exhibitor – starting with the entry process.

Together with you, we aim for the greatest possible international promotion for our 4 Belgian Shepherd varieties during this weekend.
We, on our part, are looking forward to meeting you again on the 17th and 18th of July. Until then!

Patrick de Houwer (President of the BHCN)

Further information about the day’s schedule:


Emanuele Boriero; Tervueren

Tanja Hulsund; Groenendaeler, Laeken, Malinois

Reserve; Rachel Dijkhorts-Noij

Ring layout:
Ring 1:
Ring 2:

Schedule of the day:
The definitive day program has yet to be completed. As soon as it is known, it will be added below.