Sunday 29th of May 2022 (NVBH)

Dear Belgian lovers, Dezember 2021,

We are proud to say that in 2022 we will again organize a joint Belgian Shepherd weekend in collaboration with the BHCN in the weekend of 28 and 29 May. We hope to be able to hold this edition without Covid-19 restrictions, allowing us to continue the upward trend in registration numbers. For this weekend a number of well-known breed specialists will give their expert opinion on your dog.

On Sunday, the NVBH will again give you a nice program that normally includes the behavioral test and an Agillity demo. The Supreme Best in Show (best dog of the weekend) will again be chosen on Sunday, with a very special prize. We will inform you about this in due course via our Facebook page and this website.

To make the weekend run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to evaluate the event and the cooperation between the breed clubs. New agreements have been made and, where necessary, the finishing touches have been made.

We are again counting on your registration for this special event so that we can continue to build on a wonderful weekend for our Belgian Shepherd enthusiasts and their four-legged friends.

On behalf of the NVBH Show Committee,

Tom Roozen, (President of the NVBH Show Committee).

Further information about the day’s schedule: 


Bente Harlem; Laekennois, Tervueren

Marie Berton-Sarlat; Groenendael, Malinois 

Juniorhandling; Firmin Aertgeerts

Ring Layout:
Ring 1: Marie Berton Sarlet
Ring 2: Bente Harlem

Day program:
08:30 site open
09:25 welcome
09:30 start inspections in the rings
12:30 – 13:00 break/lunchtime rings
13:00 resume of the inspections in the rings

Ring of Honor:
Junior handling
Election Oldest Veteran
Kennel presentation

Coming back in the main ring:
* All 1st placed dogs in the main ring. NB! the 2nd placed dogs from Youth Class must be present due to enter for RCAC.

*Youngest Puppy Class and Puppy Class only the 1st placed dogs.

*All registered Veterans.

Not being present in the main ring will lead to withdrawal of the (champion) prize.

A big request to be ready with your dog on the side of the ring of honor, so that it can immediately enter the ring at broadcasters. Thank you for this!

Behavior test:
On Sunday May 29, during the KCM, a behavior test will be held, where the dogs can show that they not only have the “looks”, but also the desired behavior for a Belgian Shepherd.
The test consists of a social part and two additional tests: behavior under threat and a shot test. You can skip the Threat and Shot Test sections if you want. You can indicate this in the field when registering.
You can read exactly what the test entails on the website: Behavior test
To participate in the test, the age of the dog on the test day must be at least 18 months.
When registering for a behavioral test, it is mandatory to send a copy of the family tree. Without this pedigree, the registration will be discarded. The registration fee must also be paid.
You can register your dog via the form on the website: Registration form