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This year the BHCN is organizing an extensive hot and cold buffet on Saturday.

The buffet will start after all inspections around 6:00 PM. Only accessible after payment.

The costs are 25 euros per person, excluding drinks.

The buffet contains the following dishes;

Warm meals:

  • chicken fillet pieces in satay sauce
  • fricandeau roulade in stroganoff sauce
  • chicken drumsticks
  • pork tenderloin medallions in mushroom cream sauce
  • nasi goreng
  • potato gratin
  • warm mixed vegetables

Cold dishes:

  • various types of mini sandwiches with herb butter and tapenade
  • luxurious meat salad including stuffed eggs and various types of toppings
  • platter of serrano ham with melon
  • pasta salad with green pesto, arugula and honey tomatoes
  • luxurious fish salad with, among other things, smoked salmon
  • herring with onions

There is also a choice of different types of baguette with herb butter.

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