Canine Club KV Waalwijk

KV Waalwijk, Baan 19 te Kaatsheuvel.

Site and canteen:

KV Waalwijk is a lovely, well cared for venue with lots of available space and surrounded by trees. There is a roof in case of rain as shown in the picture. You are welcome in the cosy canteen with its own terrace and you will be welcomed with Brabant’s hospitality. They serve delicious coffee, tea and various kinds of beer, wine and soft drinks. Also, if you wish to purchase food, various snacks will be available. There are various toilets for ladies and gentlemen both inside and outside the building.


You can park close by: diagonally opposite the venue you will see a large parking place, please follow the parking attendants’ instructions. Parking on the site itself is reserved only for authorized persons who have a parking permit issued by the BHCN or NVBH organization. If you would like to receive a disabled parking permit, please email us; the disabled permit will allow you to park on the site. It is not allowed to stay overnight at the parkingplace or at the terrain from KV Waalwijk.

Setting up your tent:

Tents can be left from Saturday to Sunday night, but this is at your own risk and your own responsibility.

Video overview of the venue: