Saturday 28 May BHCN

Mrs. Tanja Hulsund (Norway)

Tanja Hulsund

Hi, I’m Tanja Hulsund.

I live in the middle of Norway in Trondheim. My first dog was a Basset Hound. And my first Belgian Shepherd a Tervueren came in 1992. In 2002 my first litter was born under the name “Revehiet”.

I am also an FCI Obedience judge since 2009. At home we have had all varieties of Belgian Shepherds. Together with my ex husband we had two Malinois with whom we worked as a police dog and K9 training. I work with all my dogs. In various sports such as tracking, obedience etc.
For me, the Belgians are optimal in elegance and work ability. Over the years we have bred several show champions. With two of my dogs also the FCI work certificate. At the moment there are still seven Belgians living with us, some with my mother. Six Tervueren and a Laekenois, which is very close to my heart.

Mr. Emanuele Boriero (Italy)

Emanuele Boriero

I was born with a strong passion for dogs. From early on his childhood i was always interested in pedigree dogs and in the dog show business. I work for a multinational chemical company and lives close to Milano in the countryside where my dogs can run, play and grow which is the right place for them.

I am a breeder with the prefix “La Rosa Tatuata” of Groenendael and Tervueren, and live with Belgians from 1984 when he bought his first Tervueren.
I have produced and/or owned several “sujet reccomandee” in France, and Italian and foreign Champions along with BISS Champions, including one Reproductrice d’elite in France.

I am a FCI/ENCI Judge for Belgian Shepherds, Afghan Hounds, Saluki and Shih Tzu.
I had the honor to judge in 21 different Countries including Australia, USA and
the FMBB shows two times. I judged the Groenendael males and the Tervueren males at the French Nationals in August 2016 and in August 2019.

“It is a privilege to come back to judge in Holland and sharing with all of you our mutual passion for the Belgian Shepherd” .

Sunday 29 May NVBH

Mrs. Marie Berton-Sarlat (France)

Marie Berton-Sarlat

1975: I bought my first Groenendael and became a member of the CFCBB. I went on to breed Groenendael and Malinois under the kennel name of Mas de la Galandie.
1989: I became a judge of Belgian Shepherd Dogs
1993: I was elected as a member of the CFCBB committee
1994: I was nominated a ‘Juge Formateur’ for Belgian Shepherds (to educate future judges) and I also became a member of the selection panel.
2002 – 2011: I was President of the CFCBB having been a member since 1993.
I became a ‘Juge Formateur’ in the Schipperke Club, a member of the selection panel and became the first Vice-President.
2011 – 2021: I was a member of the CFCBB committee.

I have bred a number of Groenendael and Malinois litters, some of them becoming foundation lines for various French kennels, as well as for kennels in other countries such as the USA and Finland. A number of these lines were influential in the Malinois variety.
I am now ‘retired’ from breeding, but I still live with two Malinois females and a Schipperke, the two only breeds I am qualified to judge and on whose selection committees I belong. My involvement in the selection of these two breeds has remained the same.
During all these years dedicated to dogs, I chose to favour the cynotechnical side rather than the breeding side, mainly because of the difficulty of being efficient in both. I stopped breeding in 2011.
I have always been very attached to the Belgian Shepherd Dog, something which has never changed.

Mrs. Bente Harlem (Norway)

Bente Harlem


I am so pleased and thank you for your invitation to judge. It has been a few years now since I have judged at your Specialty Show and it is always great to be back in your country. Since the early 1990’s I was showing my own dogs at your show. During the years I have been on different committees of dog clubs: as a President of the Japanese Spitz dog club, President of the Norwegian Kennel Klub Region Østfold, and on the breeding committee of NBFK. I still hold these last two positions.

In Norway, I have my place in the country surrounded by wildlife, forest and lakes. A great place to wake up to and for Belgians to have fun.
I have been a licensed judge for over 20 years, and have been judging all over the world.
During the years there has been a number of CH in many countries. In particular, I can mention S.r CH Fakaisers Hacy dHexagone ( Laek), CH Fakaisers Neron dNoir ( Gro) and S.r CH Fakaiser`s Denver ( Terv).

Looking so much forward to see you all.
Best Regards
Bente Harlem