We welcome you to what will hopefully be a new tradition for the BHCN and NVBH. A joint show weekend, which was first started in 2020. Hopefully many more will follow which is why we use the word ‘tradition’. We hope to receive a large number of entries from our own country as well as from around the world.

You may remember that in May 2020 we had to cancel our event due to the nationwide and global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 virus. Fortunately, we were able to reschedule it to September 2020 and it was held under a strict coronavirus protocol. This was just in time because shortly afterwards stricter measures were announced, which again resulted in many events being cancelled. During the construction of this website (November –April 2021) strict measures are still in place and they are becoming even stricter than before. But we have also learnt from this situation: to be flexible, to think in terms of what is possible and what is no longer possible. In any case, it was that 2021 we have to manage with Covid-19 and it will be not completely free of problems for 2022. We will keep you informed about the latest developments on this website.

We wish you lots of fun at the shows and urge you to enjoy these few days: the dogs as well as all of the people around you that you haven’t seen in such long time, whilst of course also enjoying snacks and drinks! Also, don’t forget to buy some gifts for your trusty four-legged friend. There will be several trade stands where you will have a wide choice of products to buy.

Enter for the show, we keep you in touch..

Don’t forget to send the attachment(s) as requested. And checking that all the details are correct filled in.

You are required to pay when you enter your dog, there is no refund of entry fees.

Your (personal) data is handled according to the GDPR regulation of both associations.

Both the results and the photos can be used on social media, websites, newsletters and club magazines.